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PS4 Remote Play App: Download & Install on Any Device

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PS4 Remote Play: How to Use the App and What It Brings

When you get your PlayStation, you can expand your gaming experience with PS4 Remote Play, a free app by Sony. After PS4 Remote Play PC download, your computer will be able to connect to your PlayStation 4 and deliver the PS games you can play from your display. Mobile versions have the same abilities, and in addition, they let you use phones and tablets as extra gamepads. If you want to try Remote Play PS4, download PC, Mac, or mobile version and connect it to your console, like the instruction says.

When Is Remote Access Necessary?

So, let’s start with the idea of how to use PS4 Remote Play. This app (or rather a service) is developed to let you play games on your console even when you’re physically away from it. For example, you are not at home at all. With Remote Play PS4 PC can deliver you the games that, without PS4 Remote Play Windows would never have seen.

Or maybe you’re at home. And the rest of your family wants to watch TV, while you feel like playing. What’s the compromise? Let them watch TV your PS4 is connected to. You access it remotely. All you need to do is download PS4 Remote Play and access your console through another device – a PC, a tablet, or even a phone.

Windows 10 Version

Remote Play PS4 download is available officially for various platforms, including Windows 10. PS4 Remote Play Windows 10 version lets you access your console when you’re at your PC. It doesn’t matter whether you have a powerful gaming-oriented desktop or a slender laptop: it will use the hardware of the actual console anyway, streaming the video from it and passing your commands. So you can sit in your gaming armchair and feel just as comfortable as you would in front of your TV.

PS4 Remote Play free download is granted by Sony (or rather you had already paid for it when you bought the console). With PS4 Remote Play download laptop or desktop, hardware matters little.

Controller Features

When It comes to controlling it, there are two options. The PS4 Remote Play Windows version needs a controller to deliver the same experience. So PS4 Remote Play for PC lets you connect the original DualShock to your computer. This gamepad is not supported by Windows without PS4 Remote Play download, and you can only use DualShock for playing your PS4 games in remote mode.

The mobile version, on the contrary, can itself be used as an extra PS4 controller app if you need another one or you have lost your original DualShock. Of course, touch experience is a poor replacement for physical buttons, but it’s better than none.


  • Is PS4 Remote Play app only for PS4?
    No, despite the name – PlayStation 4 Remote Play – it will be compatible with PlayStation 5 (with some issues at the start, that’s inevitable). Maybe then the app will be rebranded into something like Remote PS4 & PS5.
  • And what about PS3?
    Well, there is an app for Windows 7, if you want to stay in your 2013. Some pirate sites may offer a modified PS4 Remote Play APK that supports PS3. Don’t believe the hype, it’s malware.
  • Do I need to own a console to use Remote Play PS4?
    Yes, you need one, for Remote Play PS4 download doesn’t make sense without a console and a set of games. More than that: you need to use the same account on PS4RemotePlay and your actual PS4. No cloud service supports that. And (at least until coverage gets great all over the world) you will need Wi-Fi to connect to your console.
  • Why can't I play via 4G?
    PS4 Remote Play PC version requires Wi-Fi or (preferrable) wired connection. Mobile versions require Wi-Fi. Alas, the mobile Internet is too unstable to provide a decent gaming experience.